COMBITRANS HELLAS SOLE PARTNER LTD was founded in 1990 in Athens, during the same year our branch opened in Thessaloniki. The company is a member of the "BRING CARGO" group and carries out transport throughout Europe and especially in the Scandinavian countries where it is the leader. During this 30-year journey, we meet the ever-increasing market demands.


The course of COMBITRANS HELLAS SOLE PARTNER LTD has a rich business activity during its 27 years of presence in the field of International Transport. Our Roots are located at COMBITRANS AB SWEDEN, which was acquired by the BRING CARGO Group of Companies in its long-term development. Our company was in the year 2008 when COMBITRANS AB SWEDEN, as its main shareholder, is now a member of the BRING CARGO Group. The BRING CARGO Group of Companies is owned by the Norwegian Post Post NORGE, a giant that controls a large network of companies across Europe. Today COMBITRANS HELLAS MONOPROSOPI LTD as a member of BRING GROUP participates in a modern GROUP of companies that provide high quality services, in Greece and in Europe with specialization in the Scandinavian countries.


The purpose of our company is the international transportation ,the temporarily storage, store goods using any means of transport on land, sea or air. During these years there has been a continuous and sustained effort to improve our services. This allows us to be very competitive in the market, maintaining our leadership position. Our basic principle is that goods must reach their destination by adhering to our commitment to customers by demonstrating adaptability and flexibility to their requirements.
We are the only company specializing in this area. Our philosophy and principles, coupled with the wide range of distribution network to dealers, allow us to "collect" in the routing process. Thus, we can offer particularly advantageous offers to customers.

Vision & Goals

Our vision is to keep our company in the elite of transport companies that offer high quality services in the transportation and storage of goods, while continuing to be a model for Greece's data in its sector.
Our main goals are:

  • Providing reliable services to our customers.
  • Constantly increasing the satisfaction of our customers
  • Improving productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Continuous education of employees
  • The implementation of methods of modern, environmentally friendly technologies.

Human resources

  • The human resources of Human resources
  • The human resources of COMBITRANS HELLAS SOLE PARTNER LTD consists of groups of people of different ages and specialties. In recent years, it has been enriched with mostly younger workers, thus combining experience with capacity with an excellent level of study and multi-faceted professional experience.
  • COMBITRANS HELLAS SOLE PARTNER LTD provides its staff with the opportunity to use their skills, the ability to acquire new specialized knowledge by participating in special seminars in the industry in order to evolve professionally and to offer high quality services to customers.
  • The company also cooperates with a team of external consultants, legal experts in matters of transport law, financial advisors and communication advisors.